Leif Ericson

thZBH2II7W.jpgLeif Ericson also known as Leif the Lucky was the son of Erik the Red. He was handsome, strong, and wise. Leif went to Norway and was converted to Christianity. It was his goal to return to his home in Greenland to convert others to Christianity.

It was on his way home when his ship was blown way off course and ended up in North America. He named the place Vinland. It is not known were exactly in North America is Vinland but it is probably in Newfoundland.

He eventually made  it back to Greenland and converted many people. He did not covert his father who was still true to his gods. But, his mother did convert.

He went back to Vinland and brought back grapes and timber to Greenland. On his way back he earned his name. He helped a bunch of castaways that were waiting for someone to save them. They named him Leif the Lucky for their luck when he found them.

Leif Ericson or Leif the Lucky is known for two things. First he found America and lived there for a time. And secondly, he was given his name from the castaways for their luck.