Vegetables Vs. Fruit

fresh_vegetables_in_basket-2560x1600.jpg“Eat your fruits and vegetables” is what you always hear when someone is trying to give you advice on eating healthy. But, is one better than the other? Or is one (or both) not good for your health either?

Well, the truth is that vegetables win this fight. Veggies are packed full of nutrients and enzymes that your body needs. Now this does not mean that all veggies are equally healthy. Some are more nutritious than others.

Fruit on the other hand can have some great vitamins but has lots of sugars. These sugars are called fructose. They are natural sugars found in fruits but can be just as destructive to the body as regular sugar . Of course it is still better to eat an apple or an orange instead of candy or cake. But, fruits just like sweets need to be monitored.

So when it comes to eating your fruits and veggies make the wiser choice and eat the veggies. Avoid the fructose rich fruit and eat the nutrient full vegetables.




Enzymes are extremely important to your health. Without them you would not be able to live. Enzymes ( also known as molecular catalysts) help your cells conduct a chemical reaction. In other words, they are what help you think, talk, taste, see, hear, and much more.

Your body makes these enzymes and are often made when you start chewing. The reason for this is because when you start chewing you should be eating and the enzymes are going to help take the nutrient from the food for your health. Chewing gum should be avoided so that you do not send a false signal to your body to create enzymes when they are not needed.

But what happens when you are eating  unhealthy and your body cannot produce enough enzymes? You are going to have to incorporate them into your diet. There are a couple options. You could either take a supplement or you could start including vegetables into your diet. Vegetables are full of enzymes. In order to keep their full potential you cannot cook them to (or any more than) 116 degrees Fahrenheit. When you do this you kill all of the enzymes inside the vegetables. The best way to eat them is raw or slightly steamed.

Today people eat almost all of their food cooked. This is a terrible mistake and needs to be fixed. We need to incorporate raw organic vegetables into our every day diet to improve our health and life.