My Take on The Theme of Treasure Island


I recently read the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. This was definitely my favorite book in my list so far. The book was very entertaining and full of different twists and turns. The book set the stage for the pirate we think of today. When I read the book I came up with two different themes.

First, don’t be too quick to judge a person. The main character Jim Hawkins often would quickly change his opinion on Long John Silver. Also, the squire picked the entire crew for the ship based off his judgment. He was too quick to judge and ended up with a lot of problems.

Second, determination can pay off. Jim and his companions were determined to get the treasure. They went through hoops to get it and succeeded. Certainly in their situation most people would have quit at the worst moment in the book.

I do not know if either of these themes were intended by Robert Stevenson. I clearly could see them but everyone may have a different take.

I definitely would recommend this book to others who enjoy adventure or pirates. The book was hard to put down and the chapters are just the right size. Try reading it to a sibling. They would definitely enjoy the excitement of the story.