6th Grade Literature Class Review

I really enjoyed my 6th grade literature class with Mr. Fish. Even when I did not enjoy the assignments, the classes taught me to preserver in things I did not want to do. Overall, I did have fun with the books and lessons.

I have three reasons why I liked the class that I would like to share. My first is that the books all had the same theme as my history course. It was very fun to read some of the stories that went along with the cultures I was learning about.

I also really liked the writing assignments. They where a lot of fun to do and often require my creativity. This was often challenging but one of the things that the course helped me improve upon.

Finally, I appreciate the summaries of the different author’s lives. It was very interesting to learn about their life and how it may have affected their writing styles.

I look forward to another year of literature. The 6th grade literature was definitely one of my favorite classes this year and I cannot wait to start the next course!


My Own “Just So Story”

How The Giraffe Got His Long Neck

A long time ago Giraffes had short stumpy necks. They used to watch other animals fly to reach their food or maybe climb for it. Many Giraffes tried to do these things but failed miserably. Until one brave giraffe named George decided to do something about it.

George was always looked down upon. Nobody thought he could do anything. So young George knew this was the perfect way to fix this. But how was he going to do it? George had often heard of a place far away where mistreated animals could gain the one thing they had always whished for. Not knowing where to go he started out to find someone who could tell him.

The first animal he met was a bear. “Mr. Bear, could you kindly tell me the way I should go to find the place where mistreated animals are gifted?” said George to the bear. The bear only told him that he was a worthless creature and should leave.

Next he met and eagle in the trees. “Mr. Eagle, could you kindly tell me the way I should go to find the place where mistreated animals are gifted?” said George to the eagle. Because the eagle was so far up he couldn’t hear so he yelled down for George to scram.

Feeling terrible for himself George sat down on a log. He started to cry softly when he heard a small voice. It was a mouse in a tiny hole. George leaned down to hear and said “Mr. Mouse, could you kindly tell me the way I should go to find the place where mistreated animals are gifted?”. The mouse whispered quietly his answer but George still couldn’t hear. George was so desperate he continued to lean into the hole till he could hear quite clearly. The wise mouse told him he had come to the place he was searching for and was about to get exactly what he wished.

George thought this was crazy and figured the mouse thought he was dumb and lied. But, as soon as he went to pull his head out of the hole he found he was stuck. George pulled with all his might until his whole neck had been pulled to three times its size. The mouse whispered in his ear “now do you believe me?” and gave a slight push on his nose and George was free.

He was so excited he ran home as fast as he could. His family and friends asked him to show them how he did it. He simple refused and told them they should have treated him kindly he first time. And to this day Giraffes have inherited George’s long neck.