Writing Styles of Jack London and Mark Twain


I recently read two very well written books. The first was A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and the second was White Fang by Jack London. Both of these authors use similar styles when writing.

One thing that both of these authors do is write the story through the characters point of view. Through the whole story you get the story straight from the character.

On the other hand the way that you see it through their eyes is different. In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court the main character is the one telling the story. He is telling the story of his past to you. Almost like a journal written for you. In White Fang the author tells you exactly what White Fang (this is the name of his character) feels. You are reading his story as if you were there with him. Through the book you are in the same time as White Fang. This is unlike Mark Twain’s book because you are looking into the past of his character.

Another thing the authors have in common is their books are very easy to follow. Nothing ever gets confusing and it can actually become very exciting. The books can be read by all ages and they will keep your attention well. Both authors are very similar so if you like one of them you are sure to like the other.  


My Take on The Theme of Treasure Island


I recently read the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. This was definitely my favorite book in my list so far. The book was very entertaining and full of different twists and turns. The book set the stage for the pirate we think of today. When I read the book I came up with two different themes.

First, don’t be too quick to judge a person. The main character Jim Hawkins often would quickly change his opinion on Long John Silver. Also, the squire picked the entire crew for the ship based off his judgment. He was too quick to judge and ended up with a lot of problems.

Second, determination can pay off. Jim and his companions were determined to get the treasure. They went through hoops to get it and succeeded. Certainly in their situation most people would have quit at the worst moment in the book.

I do not know if either of these themes were intended by Robert Stevenson. I clearly could see them but everyone may have a different take.

I definitely would recommend this book to others who enjoy adventure or pirates. The book was hard to put down and the chapters are just the right size. Try reading it to a sibling. They would definitely enjoy the excitement of the story.

A Snow Storm


A few years ago I was in a very scary situation. Even though we can die at any time most of us do not expect it to happen any time soon. It was a real eye opener that people can die at any age. It makes you think of everything wrong you ever did. I praise God that even though I did all of those horrible things I can be comforted in the fact that I would be living with him if I had died.

It started when I went to my sewing lesson like every other Thursday. We had just finished the lesson and it started to snow very heavily. The driveway was packed with snow and we could hear trees cracking and falling. The roads where I lived had trees hanging over them everywhere. When we finally got out of the driveway we realized that it was a mistake to try. Trees were falling all down the roads. They were very big trees and at this point any one could hit our car. This was horrifying and I really began to think that I might not get through it if one tree fell.

We ran from the car to the nearest home. We had never met these people but it turned out we had a mutual friend and we actually had been wanting to meet. The gentleman helped pull our vehicle out and actually drove us home that night. The ride back was also scary and I can still remember it perfectly. At one point we were stuck on a phone line. I did not know what that would do so I was terrified that it would electrocute me. And, there were many more falling trees to worry about.

In the end we did get home safety. I am so thankful to God for his mercy in the situation. I could have been hurt or even died and He got me home without even a scratch.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court



A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court was written by Mark Twain ( whose real name is Samuel Clemens). The whole booked is based on a juxtaposition. This means that Mark Twain used (in this case) two different time periods put together that had a very contrasting effect on the main character.

The tone in the book is often humorous. The people who Hank (the main character) meet are often very silly which is their custom at the time. Hank in turn makes a great influence on the people with his knowledge from the future.

The book is great for your visualization. There are enough details in the book that pictures are not needed. The book is also fun to visualize due to the silliness of the people in the time frame.

The book can often leave you in suspense. Hank’s life is often threatened even though he is believed to be very powerful. Hank does lie to the people a lot through the book but it is normally what saves his life. Hank uses natural events and science to back up his lies.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. My only issues with the book was the political talk did not capture my attention. But, do not skip over it because it is still valuable information to the story. What I liked most about the book was that the story was being told by Hank. I love books where you can visualize what is happening through the eyes of the main character. I definitely recommend this book as a great story that is easy to follow and often funny.

In a New World

I will never understand how it happened but all I can remember is I was leaving home to go to a dance with my fiancé,  family, and friends.  After that I found myself laying in a field full of soft grass and flowers. I was scared and confused. My evening was going to be wonderful and full of memories and I had no idea how I got here. And, on top of that I had spent so much money and time in getting my dress and doing my hair for the ball.

My first thought was that the others had left me behind. I know they had all shared tea with me and maybe it was their plan to give me a sedative and leave me behind. But, of course I brushed that idea aside knowing that we had been close for years. And, I knew for a fact that they did not do that when I stood up and all of the beautiful light pink flowers began to glow and then flew into the air. This frightened me greatly and I had no idea what I should do or where I should go. My only concern was if in this new world flowers could fly then what could animals like wolves, bears, and snakes do?

As I was pondering what to do next one of the flowers flew up to me and spoke. I felt like I was going to faint! This was all too much for me to take in. I knew I was in some sort of fairy tale world like what children would read about but how and why was I here? This “fairy” told me that she had prepared a place for me to live and that she was so glad I was finally here. I asked what she meant by “finally” but she started to fly off. I didn’t know what else to do but to follow her.

She brought me to some sort of cottage in the woods where everything seemed to glow with bright shining colors. She told me to make myself at home and she would explain everything in the morning. I was far from tired so I decided to explore my new home (as this is where I new I would stay until I found my way back to where I came from). Inside there was several quaint rooms including a bedroom, kitchen, and a dining room. Of course I later found out that unfortunately wherever this place was they had not invented the bathroom yet and I only had an outhouse.  The home would serve me nicely for the night because tomorrow I was going to get back home.

In the morning the “fairy” showed up bright and early. We sat in the bedroom and I was prepared to hear exactly how I got here. Of course, the first thing she said was she didn’t know how I got here but she was glad I was because the fairies had a prophecy that said thier new ruler would arrive suddenly in a field when they were all gathered there. I didn’t know what to say. I was stunned and sure that I wasn’t this “ruler”. I told  her to take me back and she said she couldn’t nor would she want to.

Apparently, the fairies last ruler died years ago and they had wanted another but none were worthy. So I was chosen by their last ruler on her death-bed and some how I was taken here.

The fairy was so kind to me and seemed so desperate. I told her I would be their “ruler” but only until I found a way home.

To this day I am still in this “fairy tale” land. I rule the fairies and I probably always will. They all adore me and I do not have to do anything for them. I tried for years to find a way home. I will always miss my dear David and my family. But, I will never give up trying to get back home.

Fifteen years later as the ruler I declared that all the fairies should find a way for me to travel in-between worlds. And only just yesterday did my dear fairy friend say she may have found a way.  I will finally after all these years go home.


The Call of The Wild

There are five different points that we can categorize The Call of the Wild into. These points are the exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action, and finally the resolution. The Call of the Wild was a very interesting read and often was very sad. We can now look at each point and find them in the book.

The exposition is like the introduction to the story. In The Call of the Wild I believe that the exposition would have started when Buck (the main character of the book) was taken from his home and sold.

Next comes the rising action which is the chapters of the book that build up to the climax. Looking at the book we see Buck growing strong but being overwhelmed with work. This period of trouble was probably the rising action.

This is followed by the climax. The climax of the book would be when Buck finally has some rest under his new owner and finds himself wanting to live in the wild. This would be what named the book.

The falling action is the short stories of Buck under his new owner, these are slowly summing up the story. Unfortunately his owner dies, this leaving Buck to fend for himself. This is what leaves to the resolution.

The resolution is the ending or the wrapping up of the story. In The Call of the Wild, Buck has his revenge on the men who murdered his master and then lives the rest of his life with wolfs as his family.



Writing is a very important part of our culture and will continue to be. It has been used for a very long time and is what helps us to continue to make advances. Writing has been used for many things such as giving opinions, historical accounts, and more. These help us to make better decisions today. If people did not write we would not be able to see mistakes that we should not make that others have, entertainment by reading, or even the chance to read God’s Word.

So why should I write and what do I plan to do with my writing abilities? I believe I should continue writing to help others advance. By writing about my skills and abilities I can help others to learn from my mistakes.

Another reason for me to write would be to respond to the evil writings that are always showing up in our society. There are constantly attacks on the Bible that if are just left alone people will blindly believe. We need to be prepared to use writing as a way to respond to them and defend the truth.

Writing is strongly influential in our culture.  And it has always been that way. We should all work hard to be better writers for the future and for the glory of God.