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6th Grade History Class Review

After finishing my 6th grade history class in the Ron Paul Curriculum I learned a lot about the different ancient culture.  I really enjoyed learning about the different cultures like Greek, Roman, and Egyptian. One thing that I noticed that each culture had in common was their greed. There was always a want for power and territory that caused so much death.

My favorite thing about the class was the studies on the people and their lifestyles. Their clothing, homes, food, and entertainment were all very interesting and often similar.

I think the important reason to study this class and to continue studying history is the influence it will have in the future. Studying history will show us the mistakes that were made that should be avoided, and the advancements that should be continued. This is also a reason to record our history for the future generations.

I highly recommend the Ron Paul Curriculum 6th grade history class for others to try. It gave me a lot to think about and challenged me in my writing and studying abilities.

Ancient North America and Australia

Ancient North America contained the modern countries of Canada, Mexico, and the USA. North America has a very wide climate range and has many terrains such as deserts, rainforests, woodlands, lakes, and rivers. An example of an ancient civilization would be the Hopewells. The Hopewells built villages to live in and were an agricultural people. They grew maize and beans. They are famous for there ancient burial mounds that were made in interesting geometrical shapes.

Ancient Australia was mostly island colonies. It contained fishermen, farmers, and sailors. They used stone and bone tools and weapons. One of the most noticeable weapons was the boomerang. The boomerang is so unique because it will come back to the thrower if it does not hit the target. The people of Ancient Australia ate kangaroos, moths, turtle eggs, and fruit bats. Their religion was ancestral worship. They believed that their ancestors were god and they created the world.

These two culture were both a little late in there development. This of course does not mean that the people were not as smart. Instead it simply means that they did not have the resources to keep up with the culture around them. Even though they did not keep up with the other cultures these people must have been very smart for example, the Americans were able to make the burial mounds that were so impressive. Or for the Australians to be able to create the boomerang was also an impressive invention that proved they were intelligent people.



Writing is a very important part of our culture and will continue to be. It has been used for a very long time and is what helps us to continue to make advances. Writing has been used for many things such as giving opinions, historical accounts, and more. These help us to make better decisions today. If people did not write we would not be able to see mistakes that we should not make that others have, entertainment by reading, or even the chance to read God’s Word.

So why should I write and what do I plan to do with my writing abilities? I believe I should continue writing to help others advance. By writing about my skills and abilities I can help others to learn from my mistakes.

Another reason for me to write would be to respond to the evil writings that are always showing up in our society. There are constantly attacks on the Bible that if are just left alone people will blindly believe. We need to be prepared to use writing as a way to respond to them and defend the truth.

Writing is strongly influential in our culture.  And it has always been that way. We should all work hard to be better writers for the future and for the glory of God.

The Fall of The Rome

Rome was an incredible empire at its peak. But, like most things it did not last long. The date of the fall would be in the year of 476 when Odoacer took the throne from Romulus Augustulus. This date was chosen because Odoacer never claimed to be the emperor. He reined at a king-like ruler. This was not the sole reason for the fall of Rome. It actually was a combination of things that had been happening for years.

One of the problems started when Diocletian spilt the Roman Empire in two parts, the east and the west. This was a problem because there was constant bickering and fighting between the two or even sometimes four rulers. Each of them wanted the higher power and this caused weakness.

Another problem was the lack of military cohesion. Often Rome would capture barbarians and use them in their army. These barbarians would refuse to kill their own family when asked and this led to the further weakness of Rome.

Moral decline was an obvious problem. The people were giving games and welfare. This causing people to become lazy and wholly engrossed in the games. Again, Rome was dooming itself in yet another way.

The majority of people in Rome were evil. Worshipping false gods and persecuting Christians. Or even just their everyday watching of the games where many insistent people were killed. The fall of Rome must have been God’s judgement on these people. Looking at these three examples we see that they brought it on themselves.

Three Apostolic Fathers

Before we can talk about specific Apostolic Fathers we must understand what an Apostolic Father is. The Apostolic Fathers were men who had studied under the Apostles and spread God’s Word. Often these men were martyred in horrible ways. The Three Apostolic Fathers that will be noted are Polycarp, Ignatius, and Clement.

Polycarp is famous for his reply when asked to renounce God. ” Eighty and six years have I served Him, and he never did me any injury; how then can I blaspheme my King and my Savior.” he said. Before he was found he had hidden in an old farm house. The guards who arrested him gave him time to pray and actually began to wonder why they were doing it. Polycarp taught in the Asia Minor city of Smyrna before he was burned at the stake. Polycarp had studied under the Apostle John.

Ignatius also studied under the Apostle John. He was the Bishop of Antioch. He was known for promoting the Lord’s Day on a Sunday instead of the Jewish Sabbath which was on Saturday. He was martyred in the Coliseum.

Clement was taught by Apostle Peter. He was the Bishop of Rome and was martyred under the rein of Trajan. He is known for writing to the Corinthians about hierarchical church government.

These men were used by God to help his people. They proved there love for him when they all refused to renounce him to save their lives.


Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus also known as Constantine the Great was born 27th of February 272 AD. He ruled as a Roman Emperor from 306 to 337 AD. His father became the Caesar in the west in 293 AD. Constantine was sent to the east and rose in his ranks in the military.

His father became the “Augustus” (the highest ranking ruler in the west) and then died a year later in 306 AD. Constantine was next to take is place but was not wanted by others. This resulted in some civil wars.

The most noted was the battle at Milvian Bridge. The night before the battle Constantine had a vision to mark the symbol of a cross on his shield. He recognized it to be the symbol the Christians used and was covered after this event. Constantine did win the battles and became emperor of Rome which he once again united.

As a result of his conversion he created the Edict of Milan which decreed tolerance for Christianity in the empire. This passed in 313 AD but had to be frequently enforced. This must have been the favorable Emperor for the Christian people.