Happy New Year


Happy new year everyone! I am thrilled to start another year and cannot wait to see what God’s plans are for me. 2016 was a great year and it had its ups and downs like all of them.

My favorite memories from 2016 would be the balls I went to, when my friends came to visit (they live on the opposite side of the country), Christmas, and when I turned 16! Of course there where many trials and difficult situations but I will look on the bright side and remember the good things.

Looking forward I have made my goals for the year.  If it is God’s will I plan to get ahead in schoolwork, grow in my music, make new friends, help to grow my church, sell more than last year, eat healthier, and visit with my friend when they come back. It is a stretch to do all of them but I am confident I will complete most of these goals.

I hope you all had a wonderful year in 2016 and that you also are looking forward to this year. I am very exited to see the plans God has in store for me.