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Daniel Boone Research Paper

Daniel Boone was born November 2, 1734. He was a brave American hero. Daniel Boone was born in the Oley Valley, near the modern-day city of Reading PA., to his parents Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan Boone. He was the sixth of the eleven children. The family suffered some discontent when his Quaker siblings married Non-Quakers. Daniel must have learned from his older siblings mistakes because in 1753 he began courting Rebecca Ann (Bryan) Boone (a Quaker woman)and married three years later.

Daniel Boone became famous when he left from North Carolina to go to the Kentucky wilderness in May of 1769. A quote from Wikipedia describes what he did on his way “Despite some resistance from American Indian tribes such as the Shawnee, in 1775, Boone blazed his Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains from North Carolina and Tennessee into Kentucky.”. Boone quickly picked out a spot to build a fort which he names Boonesborough. He returns to his family and packs them up in 1773 to return to the fort. Regrettable, his eldest son falls in battle from an Indian attacker. Boone showed his bravery just by taking his beloved family to such a dangerous place. “my wife and daughter being the first white women that ever stood on the banks of Kentucky River” Boone says.

Another act of his bravery and heroism is when one of his own daughters and two of Colonel Callaway’s are taken by savages. Boone decided to pursue and was able to retrieve the girls. This took a lot of courage to go after such dangerous people.

The Indians were not going to give up the fight. They wanted the white people out of their land. On July 4, 1777 Indians besieged the fort for forty-eight hours. The Indians retreated but Boone describes their own loses “Thus we passed through a scene of sufferings that exceeds description”. The next year on February 7, 1778 Boone and twenty-seven other men were captured by Indians that were on there way to Boonesborough. Boone was taken to Old Chilicothe and was adopted into an Indian family. The Shawanes chief even began to trust and respect him. In his own words Daniel says that the chief treated him with “Profound respect and entire friendship”. Daniel knew he needed to get back to his family so he started to plan his escape. One day after being in a salt mine with the Indians he came back to four hundred and fifty war-painted Indians ready to go to Boonesborough. He escaped the next day and traveled one hundred and sixty miles in four days till he reached home. In this time he only ate one meal. A fellow escapee arrived later to tell them that the Indians would wait 3 weeks due to the fact Boone had escaped. Boone said “We were not intimidated by their movements, but frequently gave them proofs of our courage.”.

August 8th, 1778 four-hundred and forty-four Indians and eleven Frenchmen arrive with British and French flags flying. They were under the charge of Captain Duquesne. With them they had the message of the Britannic Majesty to surrender the fort. Boone requested two days to consider and they granted this to him. Boone decides he would rather die than to be taken a prisoner and declines the offer to surrender. The enemy tries to trick them by saying they will make a treaty but they really try to capture them with a failing result. The attack went on for nine days and ended on the 20th of August 1778.

Sometime around then Boone found out his wife thought he had died when he was taken by the Indians and had moved to North Carolina with her father. Boone went after her and their family and brought them back to Boonesborough.

The following winter was very ruff. They did not have much food because the Indians had killed all of their corn. The spring was not much better. “We were frequently harassed by Indians” Boone said.

On the 18th of August 1782 Colonel Todd, Colonel Trigg, Major Harland, and Boone gathered 176 men and pursued Indians. They were outnumbered and Colonel Todd, Colonel Trigg, Major Harland, Boone’s second son, and many others making a total of 67 men died. “The reader may guess what sorrow filled hearts of the inhabitants, exceeding anything that I am able to describe.” Daniel said. They did continue to pursue and did much damage to the Indians settlements.

In Boones life story he relates the tale of a negro and his wife that defended themselves and chased the Indians from their home. Boone said after this “the Indians did us no mischief”.

Daniel Boone was a very brave man and even could be called a hero. He saved many lives from the savages and often would chase them away to keep people safe.

Daniel tells us in his life story about how he thought what he did was worth it. And with that I will conclude, “I now live in peace and safety, enjoying the sweets of liberty and the bounties of Providence”, “in a short time, one of the most opulent and powerful states on the continents of North America ,which, with the love and gratitude of my countrymen, I esteem a sufficient reward for all my toil and dangers.”

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