Flower Pot Cake


Picture this:

10:30 at night cake covered in fondant with air bubbles, lumps, and falling apart. A bunch of sugar on the floor and there is a giant mess on the table. That is how this cake started.

I wake up this morning and I am angry at it for being ugly and I really just want to throw it away and forget about it. But, then I would have to hate it forever and after all I did just spend the last two days waiting for these sugar flower daisies to dry.

So, I tore off the fondant and proceeded to make modeling chocolate and recovered my cake. A tip for any baker no matter how ugly it looks just try one more time. You never know, it might just turn out as beautiful as this cake did. Always have a plan B when you decorate a cake.  Because I actually really love this cake now. I sent a picture of it to my friend and her reply was “Rebecca that is beautiful!!! That is a cake right? It looks so much like flowers in a pot!” .  ❤ I always love it when people have to ask if it is cake!