Hi there! My name is Rebecca! I love horses, cats, violins,coffee, and music.   On this blog I will be sharing my work and studies from the Ron Paul Curriculum. Please let me know how my writing can be improved! Please remember that I will learn from my mistakes so I need others to point out the ones I miss!

I am a Reformed Presbyterian girl and I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I strive to be more like him everyday. He is my comfort in my weakness. He is to be praised!

A bit about myself:

My favorite music artist is The Afters. My favorite song is Problem Girl by Rob Thomas. My favorite movie is the Hunger Games. My favorite tv show is Emma on BBC. My favorite video game is Sims3. My favorite book is either the Hunger Games or Agenda 21. My favorite board game is Clue. My favorite pass time is baking and blogging. I can’t live without coffee. I adore my horse and my many cats (I will admit I am a crazy cat lady). I actually like school. I play the violin and the piano. And, I praise God for everyday that I have to enjoy these things!

I run a bakery with my family and if you would like to see some of the things I make check out this page! https://theclassicalviolinist.wordpress.com/tag/bakery/


33 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rebecca!
    You do RPC right???
    We are doing an election for chairman of the RPC discussion forum. We need more voters!!! The two candidates are Myriam and Korbin. If you are doing RPC, you should come vote! I voted for Korbin.

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