The Black Death


The black death was an epidemic plague that spread in Europe in the year 1348. It was going around for a while but the recognized date was 1348. This great plague killed 30-60% of Europe’s populations. Due to the numerous amount of deaths working men became scares and this let to less food coming to harvest. Even more deaths came from the famine that was produced from the plague.

Symptoms of the plague were boils, fevers, aches, chills, and vomiting. The boils or spots would turn black and you would have just a few days left after this. Doctors did not have enough knowledge to know how to treat the disease. They tried dangerous things like bloodletting but all was in vain.

Some people believed the plague was judgement from God and they whipped themselves in public. This was their attempt to make it right with God. I believe that it could be very likely that it was God’s judgment. The people did not help themselves at all because they did not respond how God would want them to. God wants them to repent from their sins not try to take punishment into their own hands. It may have been painful and embarrassing to be whipped in public but it is not what God would require. Therefore they embarrassed themselves on their own accord and gained absolutely nothing from it.

You may not have known it but you most likely sang a poem about the plague as a child. The poem Ring Around The Rosy is a poem about the black death. Rosy symbolizes the red spots that would appear when you infected by the plague. Posies symbolize the bundles of flowers that people would carry around to try to help with the smell from the bodies of the dead. Ashes symbolize the bodies that had to be burned to try to control the smell. What may have been a sweet poem to recite is actually telling a story about a terrible plague.

The plague was mostly gone by 1350 but did show up a few times in the 19th century. It took Europe approximately 150 years to regain its numbers. The plague was a major dent in Europe’s history.


11 thoughts on “The Black Death

  1. Tabitha says:

    I think this is a great essay about one of the most horrible plauges of all time, but I did not find your remark about “Gods judgement” new. I can see where you get your ideas and knowledge from, but when you stated that (the black death may have happened due to judgement from God) it bothers me. When 911 happened most religious teachers stated it was Gods judgement towards America, If so then Osama bin laden prpbably was quite happy to find God was at his side same goes for the black death. Why would God judge us If he already judged his son worthy at the cross once and for all. My point is I believe God woud be un-just to judge more even after th death of historys perfect sacrifice Christ! I am not condemning you, because Christ does not condemn me, but I do hope you understand my in what literary terms would specify as “point of view” ~Love you my sister in Christ P.S – Keep writing


    • God didn’t take judgment for all people…… He chose his people and took judgment for them but not everyone. Also, are you saying you think that we should not be punished for our sins? Being punished is what keeps us in line. For example, “spare the rod spoil the child”.


  2. Tabitha says:

    Ok, I understand your POV though I have one question. When Christ told Peter the night before his crucifixion that he would deny him 3 times before dawn or should i say when the rooster crows he denied that to happen and it did. Now did Christ scold Peter, or call down thunder and lightening to strike him? No, when Saul persecuted the church did God bring fire and brimstone down to burn him to a crisp? No, instead he transformed him into one of the most impacting apostle of all who wrote more than 50% of the new testament. It saddens me to think how condemned you must feel living a life where a mistake could prevoke Gods punishment I am praying for you as well as many others like you that have been sadly robbed of their true belief in the forgivness of all their sins PLZ read Romans 8 I feel broken to see people under condemnation after all “nobody likes to earn someones love” and this certanily isnt how our relationship with our heavenly father should be – TTYL please write back I enjoy talking with people especially when it about the gospel!

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    • What about David? Are you saying that God took his child for the fun of it? Also, my parents can forgive me yet I still can be punished to help me remember what I did was wrong. For example, God forgave David for his wrong but still punished him for the sin he committed. This does not mean that I am saying God does not Love of Forgive him! In fact, it means the complete opposite! God does this because he loves him! Or, what about the Israelites? They were punished by roaming in the wilderness. Or, Moses were he could not see the Promised land. I think what is sad is that you cannot see that punishment is a part of Love and protection of our Father. We need it whether you want it or not. God is not all squishy feel good love. Sometimes love is hard but it is what is best for us.


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