Cake Requests


I am going to start working on wedding cakes to sell. I need to know what I will need to learn to start this journey. I would like to know what your dream wedding cakes would look like. You don’t have to be engaged, I just want to know what is in style for weddings. Send me pictures, descriptions, colors, and decoration ideas in the comments below. If I think I can sell the cake I will make it and post pictures for you to see!


26 thoughts on “Cake Requests

  1. Just a though gurl friend. You should totally start a youtube channel! Making your cakes (like the payed requests) so 1: the can see the cake they ordered being made, 2: More advertising for your shop, 3: You might become a big youtuber, (in the future) and create EXTRA money from adds! (Just a thought) 😀

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    • That is great! I have wanted to do a beach cake for a while. I probably will have to do it in the summer though because it would make more sense. But, I will post a pic when I do. Nice sketch though! 🙂


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