A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court



A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court was written by Mark Twain ( whose real name is Samuel Clemens). The whole booked is based on a juxtaposition. This means that Mark Twain used (in this case) two different time periods put together that had a very contrasting effect on the main character.

The tone in the book is often humorous. The people who Hank (the main character) meet are often very silly which is their custom at the time. Hank in turn makes a great influence on the people with his knowledge from the future.

The book is great for your visualization. There are enough details in the book that pictures are not needed. The book is also fun to visualize due to the silliness of the people in the time frame.

The book can often leave you in suspense. Hank’s life is often threatened even though he is believed to be very powerful. Hank does lie to the people a lot through the book but it is normally what saves his life. Hank uses natural events and science to back up his lies.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. My only issues with the book was the political talk did not capture my attention. But, do not skip over it because it is still valuable information to the story. What I liked most about the book was that the story was being told by Hank. I love books where you can visualize what is happening through the eyes of the main character. I definitely recommend this book as a great story that is easy to follow and often funny.


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