The Battle Of Hastings


The Battle of Hastings was a battle lasting one day between Harold of England and William of Normandy. It started with the death of King Edward when he had no heir. Both of these men thought it was their right to the throne.

Harold was actually elected to be the next king but had to face both William of Normandy  and Harald of Norway. First Harold battled Harald ( they both had the same name with a different spelling) in the Battle of Stamford Bridge. The battle was won by the Saxons and Harald died. This marked the end of the Viking Age.

Harold was now faced with William coming from the south. Harold had to march his army all the way from the north to the south. Although he came a little late he still gained the high ground. During the battle William’s men believed he had died and began to flee. Harold began to pursue them and William turned around and crushed them. He showered arrows down on top of them. Harold was killed in the battle.

Soon afterwards William sieged London and conquered it. Although he was not highly accepted (due to the fact that Harold was the one they had elected) he was crowned king of England on Christmas day in 1066.


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