Charles Martel


Charles Martel’s father was the Mayor of the Palace in France. This position was really the position of king. The king in France was really just a figurehead  and the real king was the Mayor of the Palace. This means that Charles Martel’s father was the real king of France but did not hold that title.

When Charles’ father died in the year 714 A.D. his mother tried to take the position by putting him in prison. Charles was called to be the leader of the army when they were being attacked.  This first battle was the only battle that Charles ever lost. He was outnumbered and decided to flee the field. He then defeated his enemy in the Battle of Amblive later.

Charles won his battles using a where, when, and how tactic. This means he attacked them where they least expected,  when they least expected, and how they least expected. He was very successful using these tactics.

Charles is well-known for his battle with the Muslims. This is the Battle of Tours when the Muslims attacked France. Charles made a surprise attack in 732. The battle went on for 7 days and the Franks repelled their attack. Charles was given his name of Charles Martel or Charles the Hammer for his great win.


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