Ancient America and Ancient Europe

Ancient America and Ancient Europe were two cultures I recently learned about in my history class. These places were very interesting to learn about.  These people had different styles of living even though the Americans most likely took their traditions from overseas.

Ancient Europe was my favorite culture to study. These people lived in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The climate was cold in the north and there were lots of mountainous areas. The people were called Celts and organized themselves in clans and fines. They were very religious people but were pantheistic. A couple of note worthy things they did were that they invented soap, learned to mine salt, and loved their music. Celtic music is still very popular today.

The Americans  had a wider climate range. To name a specific group of people there was the Hopewell people. These people were known for making impressive burial mounds in strange geometrical shapes. They were agricultural people and grew maize and beans.

I learned about these two cultures in my “World Tour” in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Each culture was unique and it was special to learn about the culture that my ancestors were in.



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