The Call of The Wild

There are five different points that we can categorize The Call of the Wild into. These points are the exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action, and finally the resolution. The Call of the Wild was a very interesting read and often was very sad. We can now look at each point and find them in the book.

The exposition is like the introduction to the story. In The Call of the Wild I believe that the exposition would have started when Buck (the main character of the book) was taken from his home and sold.

Next comes the rising action which is the chapters of the book that build up to the climax. Looking at the book we see Buck growing strong but being overwhelmed with work. This period of trouble was probably the rising action.

This is followed by the climax. The climax of the book would be when Buck finally has some rest under his new owner and finds himself wanting to live in the wild. This would be what named the book.

The falling action is the short stories of Buck under his new owner, these are slowly summing up the story. Unfortunately his owner dies, this leaving Buck to fend for himself. This is what leaves to the resolution.

The resolution is the ending or the wrapping up of the story. In The Call of the Wild, Buck has his revenge on the men who murdered his master and then lives the rest of his life with wolfs as his family.


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