Ancient India

Ancient India has two of the largest rivers. These rivers are the Indus river and the Ganges river. The Indus river was what gave the place the name Indus Valley. The Indus Valley was overrun by the Aryan civilization. There were no written records left behind.

The Aryans were a nomadic tribe from southern Russia who settled in the Indus valley. They had built up six major kingdoms by 600 B.C. But, around 500 B.C. Persia conquered the civilization.

In 321 B.C. Chandragupta Maurya seized power and started the Mauryan empire. This was called the Golden Age. Chandragupta was succeeded by Ashoka who went on an eleven year conquest. He believed in the religion of Buddhism but tolerated other religions. He died in 232 B.C. and the empire fell in 185 B.C.

The next dynasty was the Gupta dynasty which started in 320 A.D. Hinduism was the religion of the time but Buddhism was allowed.

A few interesting points about the culture in India would be the tradition of suttee and the child marriage. Suttee was the tradition that if a man died his widow would be taken and burned. This I am sure was a very terrifying and horrible thing considering the woman had just lost her husband and now was about to be burned. The second interesting fact about Indian culture is the child marriage. The girls were married very, very young. They would often be just children. They could be married to equally young men or even old men who had lost there wives.

Ancient India was a very interesting culture to learn about. The had many false religions and terrifying traditions. I can imagine there was often unrest for these people. We can be thankful that we can place our trust in God and rest in him unlike the ancient Indians.





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