6th Grade History Class Review

After finishing my 6th grade history class in the Ron Paul Curriculum I learned a lot about the different ancient culture.  I really enjoyed learning about the different cultures like Greek, Roman, and Egyptian. One thing that I noticed that each culture had in common was their greed. There was always a want for power and territory that caused so much death.

My favorite thing about the class was the studies on the people and their lifestyles. Their clothing, homes, food, and entertainment were all very interesting and often similar.

I think the important reason to study this class and to continue studying history is the influence it will have in the future. Studying history will show us the mistakes that were made that should be avoided, and the advancements that should be continued. This is also a reason to record our history for the future generations.

I highly recommend the Ron Paul Curriculum 6th grade history class for others to try. It gave me a lot to think about and challenged me in my writing and studying abilities.


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