Writing is a very important part of our culture and will continue to be. It has been used for a very long time and is what helps us to continue to make advances. Writing has been used for many things such as giving opinions, historical accounts, and more. These help us to make better decisions today. If people did not write we would not be able to see mistakes that we should not make that others have, entertainment by reading, or even the chance to read God’s Word.

So why should I write and what do I plan to do with my writing abilities? I believe I should continue writing to help others advance. By writing about my skills and abilities I can help others to learn from my mistakes.

Another reason for me to write would be to respond to the evil writings that are always showing up in our society. There are constantly attacks on the Bible that if are just left alone people will blindly believe. We need to be prepared to use writing as a way to respond to them and defend the truth.

Writing is strongly influential in our culture.  And it has always been that way. We should all work hard to be better writers for the future and for the glory of God.


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