Ancient North America and Australia

Ancient North America contained the modern countries of Canada, Mexico, and the USA. North America has a very wide climate range and has many terrains such as deserts, rainforests, woodlands, lakes, and rivers. An example of an ancient civilization would be the Hopewells. The Hopewells built villages to live in and were an agricultural people. They grew maize and beans. They are famous for there ancient burial mounds that were made in interesting geometrical shapes.

Ancient Australia was mostly island colonies. It contained fishermen, farmers, and sailors. They used stone and bone tools and weapons. One of the most noticeable weapons was the boomerang. The boomerang is so unique because it will come back to the thrower if it does not hit the target. The people of Ancient Australia ate kangaroos, moths, turtle eggs, and fruit bats. Their religion was ancestral worship. They believed that their ancestors were god and they created the world.

These two culture were both a little late in there development. This of course does not mean that the people were not as smart. Instead it simply means that they did not have the resources to keep up with the culture around them. Even though they did not keep up with the other cultures these people must have been very smart for example, the Americans were able to make the burial mounds that were so impressive. Or for the Australians to be able to create the boomerang was also an impressive invention that proved they were intelligent people.


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