The Fall of The Rome

Rome was an incredible empire at its peak. But, like most things it did not last long. The date of the fall would be in the year of 476 when Odoacer took the throne from Romulus Augustulus. This date was chosen because Odoacer never claimed to be the emperor. He reined at a king-like ruler. This was not the sole reason for the fall of Rome. It actually was a combination of things that had been happening for years.

One of the problems started when Diocletian spilt the Roman Empire in two parts, the east and the west. This was a problem because there was constant bickering and fighting between the two or even sometimes four rulers. Each of them wanted the higher power and this caused weakness.

Another problem was the lack of military cohesion. Often Rome would capture barbarians and use them in their army. These barbarians would refuse to kill their own family when asked and this led to the further weakness of Rome.

Moral decline was an obvious problem. The people were giving games and welfare. This causing people to become lazy and wholly engrossed in the games. Again, Rome was dooming itself in yet another way.

The majority of people in Rome were evil. Worshipping false gods and persecuting Christians. Or even just their everyday watching of the games where many insistent people were killed. The fall of Rome must have been God’s judgement on these people. Looking at these three examples we see that they brought it on themselves.


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