Ancient Roman Culture

Ancient Roman culture was a very interesting time to learn about. The Roman people seemed to enjoy parties, bathhouses, food, and really anything that made there lives better.

The family was an important part of their life. The father had all of the authority and could even sell or kill his own family members. Children started school at the age of seven and finished at the age of eleven. Unless, you belonged to a rich family and then you could have the chance to continue your education. Roman culture allowed women to go out of the home and interact with others.

Roman farms were often owned by the rich people and their slaves were put to work on them. Some things that were raised on the farms were chickens, cows, pigs, bees, and olive trees. The food the Romans ate often was from street vendors because they did not have a kitchen to cook the food from the farms. Rich people would eat foods like meats, vegetables, and herbs. While the poor people would eat things like porridge, bread, and stew.

Clothing in Rome was often based on the style of the emperor and his wife. Most commonly the men wore knee-length tunics, loincloth, and togas. The women would wear tunics, an ankle length robe called a stola, and a rectangular piece of fabric called a palla similar to a scarf. The women wore their hair in a simple bun but started doing it in more elaborate ways over time.

Science in Rome was often information taken from other cultures. The Romans only used it to improve their lives and did not find it important. They did find medicine to be important to prolong life. They made advances in bone-setting and amputation because it was easy to see but internal surgery was not one of their strong points.

Overall, the Romans used their time to make there lives better. They did not study unnecessary things because it was a waste of time. While the Egyptians devoted their time on earth to the afterlife the Romans searched for every way to enjoy what the had.


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