Roman Homes

Where you lived in Rome was greatly affected by the amount of money you had. Poor people and rich people had huge lifestyle differences and it was mostly affected by their homes.

A poor person in Rome lived in an apartment. This was a very poor living condition. These people dealt with darkness, dirt, and crowded rooms in their everyday life. The apartments were often made of wood so kitchens were never built for fear of fire. There were never bathrooms so the people had to use public bathrooms that had no privacy and were not free. The poorest people had no choice but to use buckets.

A rich person had many benefits compared to the poor people of Rome. These people often lived in town homes although country villas were often popular. The town homes had a sort of courtyard in the middle of the home and all of the rooms branched off of it. The homes were often plainly furnished and some had enough rooms to rent them out. If you owned a country villa it would often be used as a retreat home to get out of the city. These home had much more decoration than the town homes.

Obviously, the rich people of Rome has the preferably lifestyle. It was a very difficult life for the poor people. The lives of both people were ultimately affected by their homes.


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