6th Grade Literature Class Review

I really enjoyed my 6th grade literature class with Mr. Fish. Even when I did not enjoy the assignments, the classes taught me to preserver in things I did not want to do. Overall, I did have fun with the books and lessons.

I have three reasons why I liked the class that I would like to share. My first is that the books all had the same theme as my history course. It was very fun to read some of the stories that went along with the cultures I was learning about.

I also really liked the writing assignments. They where a lot of fun to do and often require my creativity. This was often challenging but one of the things that the course helped me improve upon.

Finally, I appreciate the summaries of the different author’s lives. It was very interesting to learn about their life and how it may have affected their writing styles.

I look forward to another year of literature. The 6th grade literature was definitely one of my favorite classes this year and I cannot wait to start the next course!


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